Afro Empire is not a scam or a hoax. When it comes to our own legitimacy, we know that you can’t just take our word for it. Any fraud would not work if it admitted to being one! We know that trust is important when traveling far from home, and that your trust must be earned. Here’s how you can check to see if Afro Empire is real. Research: Make a research on us by contacting the registrar general of Ghana and the Department of Social Welfare. Communication: Call or email us for further explanation and we promise, you would get the best of confirmation you are yearning to know.

Sincerely Yes. One can combine two projects at the same time. You won’t pay for the full program fees twice with just a 30% payment increment. . When combining projects within, you pay for your most expensive project and then any other project is charged at its “extra week” price, regardless of the order in which you do the projects (except for Language Courses.*)because with the language courses ,volunteer needs the maximum attention. In other words, you can combine volunteer and Internship or two volunteer projects at the same time.

Our basic placement prices cover you on a weekly basis for up to twelve weeks Apart from our: HIGH SCHOOL SPECIAL SPRING BREAK TRIPS SUMMER BREAK TRIPS NOTE: The above projects which lasts for four weeks. . Then you can add on extra weeks on top of these as you wish. You can stay (including placement and travel) in most countries for up to 6 months. These limitations are due to visa and work-permit restrictions; please contact us with any questions you may have about visas or how long you can stay on a project and the country.

Please see the prices page for details about the cost of the program you're interested in. You will not be paid for your work, but you will gain extraordinary work experience and discover skills you never knew you had - oh, and you'll have a great time! Our partner schools and other partner organizations can often barely afford to pay their own staff, so these positions have to be voluntary and self-funded. Similarly, we get great work experience placements for volunteers because we don't ask our partner-organizations to pay you. Indeed, we always make sure that organizations or individuals in the developing world don't have to pay anything as a matter of principle. We do not receive any government funding or other outside funding.

AEO policy does not deprive a volunteer for registering together with the above people mentioned. Friends, significant others, and husbands/wives are certainly welcome and, if you like, we can arrange placements where you can live and work together (with a few exceptions where cultural considerations might make this too awkward.)but no to be disturbed, we arrange for the best and exotic placement for this section and it comes with a lot of package on which the volunteer will enjoy his/her stay. Read more on Programmed chart about Family projects

Our programs do not require qualifications. - Just reasonable spoken English. No TEFL or teaching qualifications are needed for our teaching programs (although you are very welcome if you do happen to have them). Some projects need language skills and the specific project page will tell you if this is the case. If you're unsure of your language capabilities. Please contact us and we'll let you know if you'll be able to participate. Below is what a volunteer should know before applying: PASSION TO VOLUNTEER: Passionate to do things is what makes a person strong and wise making of decision. Is a world of our own ad we need to volunteer to help one another? EAGERNESS TO VOLUNTEER: Enlighten and rapid decision making on volunteering to help the society also accounts.

The platform is open for anyone. If you have any questions or would like to discuss our programs in more detail, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing or call GHANA(+233)244591099 / GERMANY (+49) +17624867215

Ghana for instance is colonized by the British and 80% of the people here are very good in English speaking. It is an advantage to learn a few basic phrases but it is certainly not necessary to be fluent. The vast majority of our projects do not require specific language skills and few volunteers speak the English language before they go. Teaching volunteers teaches English and with this a volunteer should be well good in English -- this is what schools want. There are some exceptions where a basic or good knowledge of the local language is needed. This is often for professional projects like Journalism and Medicine, or for French and Spanish speaking countries. The specific project pages will specify if any language skills are required. In many countries it is possible to take language lessons if you want to improve your language skills, see the Language Courses section for more details.

Afro empire organization travel experience offers you the best of opportunity to seek a travel exposure to work on a volunteer project overseas. The program is an excellent opportunity to combine adventurous foreign travel with a worthwhile job. As well as gaining experience that looks vivacious on your resume, you will improve your transferable skills such as team-working, presentation and communication. Above all, this is an opportunity to gain an insight into a completely different culture and way of life, which is becoming necessary in our modern world. This package also comes with a holiday independent travel. Visiting some orphanage homes, tourist sites and less privilege areas of interest. A weekend party for volunteers and an educational workshop. The maximum package is an International volunteer certificate and affiliation backup the organization is always willing to guarantee anytime a volunteer want a reference in case of assistance.

Yes of course you can, although we certainly don't say that you have to. Request a fund-raising or donation guide once you've applied or not to get some ideas or visit our fund-raising page for instant advice. Some people may want to donate and not to enroll in our project. Everyone is welcome. Read more on our fund-raising or Donation Page.

Volunteering abroad is one of the most vital key in everyone’s life to experience. Volunteering is the act of showing support and kindness to humanity. There is wise saying which goes like “Two heads are better than one” meaning “two or more people can team-up to make things work than one person. One person cannot solve the heavily crisis on this planet unless others comes in to support. Volunteering abroad expose a volunteering to so many things in his/her life because you happen to meet different people and witness different culture. Some people sometimes volunteers to find their strength and weaknesses in life. It is a way of making impact in another one’s life and that makes world peaceful.

Most AEO projects are located in the rural areas. The motive behind the choice of operating in the rural areas is to help improve their ways of living to a higher modified standard of living through diversity of Culture, Education, Health and many more.

Choosing a program is one of the most difficult question one would be asking him/herself when it comes to volunteering. Everyone has his/her own passion. Our advisory team can connect you to the kind of program you want to apply for if one does not have any idea yet on what to choose.

Yes you can. AEO offers internship for people who want to enroll in our internship program. This program is design for people to explore different ways of exhibiting their ability, teaching and learning at the different part of the world. This program is normally applied by students and professionals. With such program, applicants are required to provide some documentation of their field of work or study. More information will be provided when you contact us.

Applicants are required to apply in two months interval before the chosen date to depart from their country. The reason is to work on documentation for their visa, accommodation and placement of the chosen program.

After applying for a program with AEO, management will contact you in three (3) working days from the exact day you applied, and an issuance documents will be provided to help you in the visa process. Other information about your accommodation and coming will be discussed after having your visa.

AEO do not prevent any applicant of the change of mind on his/her application to be an offence. Every applicant has the mandate to change his/her application before due to the start of program. This enables management to work on the decide project on time. Application can also be change when you arrived in the country and this terms and conditions would be negotiated by both the volunteer and the management of AEO.

AEO is highly recommended to volunteer with. These are some of the characteristics a volunteer to seek before volunteer with us

Our services are highly rated and trusted due to our hardworking and noble management. Our past volunteers have rated the skills of hardship and trust to be one of the best on the continent when it comes to placement and hosting of volunteers and we are still working very hard to be the best among the rest.

Safety and Security is AEO’s major concern. We therefore provide maximum safety and security for volunteers. Our ways of choosing host families for a volunteer is to first of all have a background check of every host family and also the location of the house. We take host families through different check-up procedure before handling volunteers under their care.

On your arrival at the airport, volunteers would be welcomed by a representative of our organization. Identity and other details of the above representative will be sent to you two (2) weeks before your travel. They will take you to the volunteer accommodation and introduce you to your new home away from home, your local hosts and fellow volunteers. Before beginning your volunteer placement, you will attend a program orientation which is hosted by the local team to give you an introduction to the local culture and customs, safety advice, transport options, rules and expectations, your placement, and weekend travel opportunities. Our local team are available 24/7 to provide support to you during your volunteer program, so whether you are traveling solo or with a group of people, you know you will always be well looked after.

Our desire and motive is to unite the people in the world to joint hands to eradicate poverty and help projecting the development of the African society and the world as a whole. We therefore need not to keep the running of the NGO hidden but rather exhibit a true transparency of the state of every detail since the organization and volunteers are concern.

Our program does not prevent a volunteer from traveling during the weekends nor at his/her leisure. Volunteers are entitles to go sightseeing during the weekends. Visiting a country without exploring the beautiful aesthetic places will not be of no use so the organization always encourages volunteers to find a place of their choice to tour or can suggest to the organization of the places and when they want to go sightseeing. The organization is willing to provide you with a tour guide if a volunteer desire or can go alone.