Are you tired looking to make a difference in the developing world? Find free, affordable and structured medical and healthcare volunteer and internship projects which are open to students, graduates and medical professionals with AEO. There are short and long term placements in hospitals, clinics, outreach centers and remote community projects in Ghana

Applications are open all year round and there is a big need for international staff to help train and work alongside local staff.




Every year, we are trusted to place more than hundreds volunteers across our Medical volunteer projects in Ghana. AEO offers Healthcare volunteering abroad opportunities which support hygiene and public health campaigns, some of which do not require any previous experience. We’re also experienced in organizing Medical campaigns for students or professionals looking to volunteer abroad together as a group.


The experiences you will have on these programs are likely to be vastly different from anything you are used to. Working from temporary clinics and hospitals in Asia you will get to help people in rural communities that otherwise have little or no access to health care. Your scope of medical volunteer work will vary depending on your experience and the needs of your placement and you’ll be supported by qualified medical professionals. If you’re seeking Medical volunteer opportunities in a specialty field, AEO will you with our Medical Volunteer Experts, who can help you select a Medical project abroad that best aligns with your area of expertise.



As a health volunteer or internee with AEO, there are opportunities to specialize in: Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Paramedics, Clinical Laboratory Science, Emergency Medicine (EMTs), Speech Therapy, Optometry, Nutrition, Public Health, Orthopedics, Radiology, HIV/AIDS Support, Midwifery, Pediatrics and more. There are various medical based projects available where you can work with people affected by illness and disease. Tasks can include caring for HIV/AIDS patients, counselling and in hospitals and communitiesand being part of community outreach programs traveling into remote areas of Ghana.


Regardless, you’ll get a much greater understanding of the differences between healthcare in a developing country and your own as you develop your medical knowledge by rubbing shoulders with local professionals. Local medical staff also benefit from the additional hands on deck, as well as the two-way cultural exchange of ideas, skills and learnings that comes from interacting with international volunteers.



Note: You’ll need to provide a resume and a recommendation letter from your university upon being registered for the program. You also need to bring your own scrubs or lab coat and stethoscope.

 Non-English speaking country have to translate all documents into English before applying. AEO will be available anytime to guide you through the entire process.


  • The first step is to apply online with your credential and that will help us keep record of you and also enable in both your placement and visa process after you are finally satisfied with the help conversation from AEO and your own research to join.
  • AEO officer will respond to you on(2)working days maximum after receiving your application.
  • The second step is to submit a copy of your passport page(s), a passport size photo and a covid-19 vaccination card.
  • AEO will then respond to you in (3) working days with a delivering supporting documents for your visa process.
  • After attaining a visa. AEO will then discuss a payment plan and also unveils the name of your host family and the name of your work placement exactly a month before departure.
  • Half payment shall be made through the organization’s account and the remains shall be paid when you finally arrived in the country.
  • Finally, you can start making preparation to visit Ghana, the gateway to Africa.

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