The culture exchange program is designed for anyone who has a keen interest in Ghana culture. After the completion of intensive Ghana language training, volunteers will stay with a Ghanaian family and participate in the centre for National culture so well as visiting other villages to witness how they live and where they migrated from. Volunteers will experience the different local culture while sharing their own culture and customs. The core objective of the culture stay is to ensure volunteers gain cross-cultural experience.

In its bid to encourage cultural exchange between countries, we organizes cultural drumming and dancing troupes in communities it serves, and private lessons for volunteers or visitors with Drumming and Dancing programs ,beads making, language learning. etc
This does not only provide entertainments for visiting volunteers but provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn at first-hand how to perform traditional dance steps, play local musical instruments, including drumming and traditional costume wore for a typical traditional occasion and other festivities around the time of visit.

AEO exists to be a proactive front-runner in the cultural exchange field, a strong networking organization for culture in Africa-Ghana and a counterpart for centre for National culture dealing directly or indirectly with culture. That is why AEO has been carrying out so many activities in the last years of  it existence. Apart from organizing events, AEO has led and been partner in several National culture project to capture African culture issues facing today’s culture organizations. Next to active communication and dissemination of information, AEO has a leading role in representing grassroots culture to African culture studies and the Ministry of culture and tourism here in Ghana

AEO vision in culture exchange project is to be the leading voice of voluntary culture exchange organizations in Africa. AEO advocates for grassroots culture within Ghanaian culture  policy, raises awareness on the societal role of culture, and fights for equal opportunities for all foreigners to participate in culture exchange in different roles and at different levels. At the same time AEO shares knowledge and experience on Ghanaian culture policy to its members and partners. AEO work aiming at building bridges is wide-ranging and linked to our mission to promote the interest of culture exchange organizations in Ghana and Africa as a whole



                          AEO ADVOCATES FOR

The aims of AEO in the field of advocacy are to:

 Discuss and lobby on current culture issues;

The important societal role of culture.

Strengthen the co-operation with other ethnic body to prevail peace and unity among tribal communities.

Contribute to intergovernmental culture exchange co-operation

Peace and stability among communities and the people living in it.

Develop and support AEO volunteers on culture exchange

The sustainable financing of grassroots culture and showcasing it to the world.



In order to be an attractive network for exchange of culture exchange knowledge and experience, AEO organizes events that bring together decision-makers, traditional rulers, students, foreigners and other co-operate entity to support and create awareness for Africans to accept and practice their own culture. We raise awareness on relevant grassroots sport topics and equip members with tools to pass on to national and local levels. We also give advice and encourage debate and reflection on African grassroots on culture alongside with volunteers to achieve that course.