Orphans are the eye of the lord as the proverbs quote says and it takes a clean and a kind soul to contribute in the protection and care of the orphanage operating zones. Sometimes, it can be difficult for volunteers to evaluate their own impact, but in our projects with children, the equations are simple. Success is measured in books read, smiles made, and games played. The stakes are high for the staff  that oversee these children, and your ability to share your native tongue, play some games and help with homework is important to these kids and the places where they live. Easily one of the most profound experiences in the mix, volunteering with children in need puts you on the front-lines of one of globally most pressing concerns.

Are you passionate about making sure that orphans have access to fundamental care and support, and do you want to volunteer your time assisting local people and organizations within communities abroad to promote better health, education and development outcomes for less privilege people ?This is your chance to find your hidden side of giving!



Volunteering with children in an orphanage in Ghana is the most rewarding experience for volunteers. Volunteers work alongside the existing staff to care for the children in orphanages. The work in a children’s home involves feeding, dressing and keeping the children active within the homes. Some children may have been neglected or come from disadvantaged backgrounds and they need help and people who they can trust to work with them and participate fully on the program. Some orphanages are in rural areas and you might be working around 20-30 hours per week Monday - Friday. Accommodation is usually provided in a shared building with communal facilities with other participants or you could stay with a host family so whether you would like to spend a gap year or group helping at an orphanage, or you are just inspired to give back, you will get a life changing experience and be able to make a real difference. View more information to assess whether these type of volunteering programs are right for you.

Naturally, volunteers working with children must possess a fair amount of flexibility and patience. Ideally, volunteers should have some experience in working with children – whether it is baby-sitting, or something in a more formal context of working in a day care or pre-school.

By helping with childcare and routine tasks like cleaning up, painting and grounds keeping, volunteers ensure that the full time staff  have time to fulfill their duties or even take an overdue day off when appropriate.

Many of the volunteers working in the Orphanage program, choose to combine it with the Teaching program wherein they can work in School project in the morning and work in the orphanage in the afternoon. This is also a great way to make a larger impact in the community. You might be responsible for taking care of babies and children by cleaning, feeding, washing, nappy changes, playing and they also helping them develop and grow. Volunteers interact a lot with children in orphanages and try to keep them entertained throughout the time. Please research all placements before applying though as it can be a very emotional experience, you might also want to ask how much of a difference will you be able to make - spending a short time helping is not really beneficial we recommend applying for at least 2 months.